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How to make your shed the ultimate workspace

How to make your shed the ultimate workspace

Whether it’s a place where you can work from home, your central base for a business, or a workshop to restore a project, a shed can be a great option as a workspace.

But how do you transform your existing or new shed into a comfortable and welcoming zone that’s productive, professional and allows you to get the job done?

Here are just a few tips on how you can make your shed the ultimate workspace.

The bare essentials

If a shed is to be a place of work, a few bare essentials will be required, and the first one is of course electricity.

By connecting your shed to power, you allow for internal powerpoints and lighting, so your shed becomes a place where you can use powertools, computers and machinery.

If your shed will be drawing a lot of power to run major appliances or electrical machinery, three-phase power might be required, so it’s worth talking with your electrician about whether single phase or three-phase will best suit your needs.

Then, depending on the task at hand, you might wish to add some other essentials such as internet access, or water supply along with some extras like a small kitchen area and bathroom.

All the tools, in the right place

Regardless of whether you’re restoring a car, servicing farm machinery or using your shed as an office, a great workspace involves having all the right tools at the ready.

That’s where shelving and storage comes into its own, ensuring everything is easy to find exactly when you need it.

There are a host of great options when it comes to shed shelving and storage, ranging from purpose- built work benches to ready-made storage, shelving and shadow boards for tools.

Organised and efficient

In any workspace, the layout and flow of the area is important in the interests of productivity and efficiency.

For example, what sort of doors would suit best, will they need to be a certain size to allow for larger machinery or increased access?

Will windows be needed for light and comfort, and will a personal access door, or more than one, be required?

Would there be a benefit to having designated and separate areas within the shed, such as a bathroom area, office or kitchen zone?

In this case, you might consider internal walls to segment the different areas of the workspace.

Comfortable and professional

If you intend on spending extended time periods in the shed or people might be visiting you for work purposes, comfort will also be a factor.

That means you might want to look at flooring or insulation. Insulation will keep the shed cool in summer and warm in winter, while the right flooring will help you create a professional look, or allow you to complete designated tasks in the workspace more efficiently.

Meanwhile, if your shed is to act as a place of business, you night also want to turn your attention to the exterior, with signage or cladding that helps create a look and feel for your business.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

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