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Steps to create the perfect workshop

Whether it’s for your home or work, the perfect workshop isn’t as hard to create as you may think. The best way to do this, is to plan and consider what you will be using this space for. To make this easy, we’ve created a six-step checklist to help you create the perfect workshop:

  1. Prepare and clean your garage or shed. We recommend taking out as many items as possible to remove clutter and allow you to properly clean the space. It’s difficult to create the perfect workshop if it’s covered in dust and items you don’t need. This will give you a good idea of how much space you can work with when you reach the next step.
  2. Plan your workshop design. Hands up if you’ve made the mistake of purchasing a great item only for it not to fit where you wanted? We thought so. Planning your workshop design is crucial to ensure your space works the way you want it to. You will need to consider what you will use your workshop for, what tools and supplies are needed, and the amount of walking or moving space you will need to do this.
  3. Figure out the lighting. Do you enjoy getting injured? No? Enough said. Save yourself the trouble and make sure your workshop has ample lighting so that you don’t accidently lose a finger.
  4. Decide on the flooring. Concrete or rubber floor mats, the options are there. Just make sure they work for you and what you’ll be using your workshop for.
  5. Build enough storage for your tools and supplies. It won’t be the perfect workshop if it can’t fit everything you need. Make sure this storage doesn’t just fit what you currently have, because you’ll always need “just one more tool”.
  6. Don’t forget your safety gear and cleaning supplies. We all think we’re never going to get hurt until we do. Make your life easier by using safety gear and saving you a potential trip to the hospital. This goes for cleaning supplies too. It’ll be easier to use your workshop if it’s not covered in dust or other materials before you can even get started.

Using these steps to help you create the perfect workshop will save you time and some coin, ensuring your shed or garage remains your favourite space at home or work.

If you have any questions about choosing your next Titan Garage or Shed, chat to our helpful staff today.

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