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Selecting the right shed for your needs

Selecting the right shed for your needs

Whether it’s a workshop, a place to house valuable machinery or a means to add a little extra storage space to your home, a shed is a valuable addition that can improve both the look and value of your property.

But how exactly do you select the right shed for your needs?

Well, it depends on exactly what you’re hoping to achieve, and also the way you intend to use your shed.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to selecting the right shed for your needs…


If you’re in the market for a shed, chances are you have a fair idea of what exactly it will be used for.

But often sheds actually serve a multitude of purposes beyond the catalyst that prompts you to start considering one.

That’s why it pays to carefully envisage what you intend to use your shed for, including any machinery that might be stored there or whether it might also serve as a workspace.

Each of these factors affects things like the size and layout you will need, along with other factors such as windows, natural light, electricity connection, a cement pad, door height, and more.


Few people ever complain their shed is too big, so when you start considering your ideal shed, be mindful that size matters.

Where possible, go a little larger than you intended, which allows you to store additional items and also provides you with the space you need.

If your property is limited for space, get crystal clear on where you will put your shed, how it will work in that space, and how you can use it to best effect.


Shed openings affect how the shed will be used. For example, will double doors suit best in order to store multiple vehicles? Is extra height required on these doors for large machinery, or would it be best if the shed had multiple bays with individual doors?

What about windows to allow in natural light or personal access doors so you can easily enter and exit without opening large roller doors?

If it’s a smaller shed you’re after, will the doorways require extra width for machinery such as ride-on lawnmower?

Again, the top tip is to consider exactly how your shed will be used, and then find a layout that best suits your needs.


Where you position your shed is critical. Depending on its use it might need to be near the house so you can access vehicles, it might be farther afield if you are storing chemicals or extraneous items, or it might need to be in the backyard so you can readily access the lawnmower and gardening items.

When you look at shed options, consider where your shed will be best positioned, depending on its purpose. This will then help determine the size as well.

Materials and look

A shed is a significant investment that should stand the test of time. Consider the materials that need to be used to accommodate the climate and how the shed will look once it’s erected at your property.

Quality materials ensure a shed lasts a lifetime and suits the climate where it’s located. These materials also ensure your new investment blends into its surrounds.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

If you’re looking for some shed inspiration, your can browse our range of shed products, including carports, garden sheds, agricultural sheds and houses, here.

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