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Maximise your storage space with Titan

Maximise your storage space with Titan

Even the biggest Titan shed or garage can get quickly cluttered if you don’t plan it out in advance.

By thinking out your storage, you can maximise the space and always know where to find your tools, toys or tackle.

Storage can be broken down into three categories; hanging, hooking and shelving. Let’s look at one at a time:


If your shed or garage has enough headroom, hanging is the perfect solution for longer, bulkier items. It can be as simple as tying some rope to your trusses or using ratchet straps to secure something to a sidewall. This works well for long timber stock, kayaks, piping and so on.

Tip: Remember to weight test your trusses before hanging anything too heavy.


Smaller items such as tools, along with cords and ropes, can easily be stored on sidewalls. You can purchase butcher’s hooks from most hardware stores to hang ropes from your steel stud framework or screw light ply or chipboard to down posts to create a tool wall.

Pegboard is another handy way to create easily moveable and adaptable hooking for your interior walls. Available from your local hardware stores, you can also buy removable hooks, as well as trays and boxes to keep lighter items such as screws and nails organised and safe.

Tip: use the old trick of drawing around each tool with a marker to keep everything organised and in the right place.


Smaller items such as paint tins, boxes, books and bottles can quickly take up valuable floor space. Shelving can provide valuable vertical space to maximise your storage space. By theming each shelf, you can easily locate items when you need them most. You can also add boxes or drawers to your shelving system to further organise all of your accessories, tools and supplies. Most shelving systems allow you to adjust and set different heights for each shelf, so plan ahead and construct your shelves to be as efficient as possible.
Tip: always remember to stack the heaviest items on the bottom shelves to avoid making your shelving top-heavy and risk toppling. If you will be applying a lot of weight to your shelves, secure them to your stud frame with strap bracing or brackets, or bolted directly to the stud.

Whatever the best way to store your items, save yourself time, effort and headaches by planning out your garage or shed storage before you move in. A little bit of forward thinking will make a world of difference and help you use your new Titan space as efficiently as possible.

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