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The value of a carport

If you need a bit of extra covered space to store cars or perhaps create an additional outdoor entertaining area, a carport can offer a great solution.

Importantly this additional structure can add value to your home.

So, let’s investigate the value of a carport, and how it can offer a usable space suited to multiple uses.


A simple addition

The great thing about a carport is it offers a simple addition, whether it’s a freestanding carport separate to the house, or one that is attached to an existing structure, such as a shed, garage or the actual property.

It’s also quick to install and can be designed to complement the look and feel of the home.

This simple addition can then add value, creating an undercover area to protect valuable cars and machinery from the weather, or provide an additional entertaining or recreational area.

Each of these purposes adds value to the home, and due to its affordability and ease of construction, this value can be achieved for a marginal price tag.

But why is the addition of a carport so appealing?

Protecting your assets

Between the occasional storm and Australia’s near endless sun, we all know the weather can take a major toll on machinery.

Whether it’s a boat, caravan, camper or car, each of these assets benefits from the protection of a carport.

Over time a carport reduces the impact of UV rays on paintwork and helps protect equipment from rust, making it an investment in the value of your assets.

A great first impression

A carport can also help you neaten your property and provide a great first impression, offering a dedicated parking space for extra cars and other equipment.

It also increases the value of the home, acting as a multipurpose space that can be utilised for storage, outdoor activities, an entertaining area and so much more.

A usable area

And on that note, while it’s called a carport, that’s not the only use for a shaded structure that can potentially be built anywhere on your property.

Carports can also serve as covered entertaining areas, pool gazebos, a sheltered play area for the children, or a shaded area for pets and livestock.

An affordable investment

With so many potential uses for a carport, it can be one of the most valuable and cost-effective additions to your home, increasing its street appeal, its liveability and its storage options.

Importantly, there are a range of designs available to suit any space, and a carport can be added to in the future to feature additional options like roller doors.

You can view our range of carports here or for a little further inspiration about the potential uses of a carport, see here.

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