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Carports Vs Garages

Storing your pride and joy is of utmost importance if you’re wanting to protect its value and keep it in good order. The majority of homes have a garage or carport as more households own multiple cars. Both carports and garages have their own set of qualities that make them different according to each situation and the priorities of the user. If you’re wondering whether a carport or garage is more suited to your lifestyle, read on to learn more about the options you have for each of them.


Carports are a relatively cheap way to protect your cars from rain, hail, and sun. With only a few key components required, most carports can easily have a build time the same as a shed or garage, although they often have more council issues than a shed so can take longer to get approved. Functionally, carports can also be used as outdoor entertaining areas as they can provide shade without being too enclosed.

In terms of design, there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to carports. You can choose exactly where you want or need it to be installed. There are also a huge range of options available when it comes to colour, material, and design style, as well as additional add ons like roller doors or sheets to act as walls and add extra protection from the elements. With all the options available when it comes to appearance of carports, it’s easy to find a way to incorporate them into your home’s design and have them match the exterior of your house.

Overall, carports are a relatively low cost, yet extremely flexible, option when it comes to giving your vehicles the protection needed to keep them looking and functioning well. However, they’re not the most complete or secure solution so it’s not a good idea to use carports for storage.


Unlike a carport, a garage is a more permanent structure that is completely enclosed. It provides an excellent level of protection and security for this reason, and is usually connected to the home, often with direct access from the inside. This provides an additional level of privacy and shelter, and the fact that it is enclosed means that the garage can be used as an extension of your home and for storing unused items.

While most garages are indeed connected to the home, they can also be built as freestanding structures if they are needed to be located on another part of the property. Garages can also be converted into living spaces or man caves down the track if needed, as they’re built on the same principles and foundations as a home. If you do decide to convert your garage into a living space at some point, however, it may be a good idea to think ahead about insulation – they’re not the warmest of spaces!

From an aesthetic perspective, a garage generally looks more in tune with a home, as it’s designed and built to complement the structure (usually as part of the home’s design and build plans). For this reason, garages generally add value to a home as they are cohesive and usable. A garage does, however, take time to build and often the appropriate council approval is required as it is a permanent structure. This can make them a slower solution than carports, and also one that is generally more costly. There are prefabricated garage options that are more easily installed rather than being custom built, however the choice depends on your particular application and how much you need your garage to match the rest of your property. These prefabricated installations are great if you’re looking to save time and are a less costly solution than building from the ground up.

Overall, the decision between opting for a carport or garage will depend on a number of factors, such as how you envisage having to use the structure in the future, how large your budget is, and how much time you have available. Both structures have their place and can be effective for a range of scenarios, each having their own positive and negative aspects. The bottom line is that neither option is better than the other, it is solely a product of your requirements and how to best suit your lifestyle needs. For example, if security and extended living space is of utmost importance to you then a garage is best. If flexibility, price, and the option to use the space as an entertaining area is your priority, a carport may be better suited to you. Either way, your cars will be happy that they’re getting some protection from the elements! The rest is up to you.

Can easily have a build time same as a shed or garage, can actually have more council issues than a shed and hence can often take longer in council

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