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The Many Uses of a Titan Carport

The Many Uses of a Titan Carport

They may look like four simple posts and a roof, but the humble carport can offer far more than just keeping the rain off your car.

You don’t need to think too far outside the box to vastly expand the potential your outdoor areas, increase your storage and utilise this far more affordable form of shelter.

A Garage Alternative

Obviously, a carport is exactly that: a convenient, lightweight place to store your car. But the car isn’t the only thing that can benefit from some simple shelter. Without side walls or the need for walk space, a carport has more capacity than a conventional garage, especially for larger items such as boats. Motorbikes, jet skis, ride-on lawnmowers and other larger vehicles that don’t need to be housed in a lockable garage can still be kept secure from the weather under the protective roof of a carport.

Expand Your Exterior

Don’t let the name hide the potential! A carport can easily be converted into a comfortable, dry, shaded entertainment area to keep you sheltered from sun and rain all year round. The open-plan style offers refreshing through-breezes on hotter days, while the secure roof and optional drainage protect you from even heavier downpours.

BBQ Area

If outdoor entertainment is a big part of your life, a carport also provides an ideal setup for an outdoor kitchen, with plenty of room for even the largest barbecue, plus a work bench and dining table. So, you’ll be able to accommodate the neighbours or family and cook up a storm, even in a storm!

Room for Everything

If you’re looking for extra laundry space, a place your four-legged friend can lay his bed, a spot for the 20 pairs of shoes cluttering the back door and cover for push bikes, skateboards and all the other chaos of an active family life, a carport is just the thing. It can offer an extended porch area to keep everything out of the house and out of the weather.

Keep it cool!

If you are looking for a home workshop with plenty of ventilation, either to disperse the dust or fumes of your labour, or to keep cooler through the hotter months, a carport is what you need. A solid concrete slab provides level flooring and a gable roof offers potential for overhead storage for lengths of timber or even hanging equipment.

Extend Your Pool Time

The problem with spending too much time by the pool is the unrelenting Australian sun! With a carport alongside your pool, you can have plenty of shade, a comfortable seating area, a good vantage point to keep an eye on the kids and even plenty of space to store pool cleaners, scoops, chemicals and all the other paraphernalia that goes along with owning a pool.

While carports have a very specific name, their range of uses is far from limited. Take a fresh look at your property and see how a carport may extend the potential of your outdoor areas.

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