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The benefits of smaller sheds

The benefits of smaller sheds





People tend to think big when it comes to sheds, but even a small-sized shed is a practical addition for a property, offering extra space to store and protect miscellaneous items.
And there are a host of options available when it comes to smaller sized shed – from tidy lockers where you can store gardening equipment to garden sheds where the mower and bicycles can take up residence.

So, let’s look at the benefits of smaller sheds and how they can be used.

Smaller size, big benefits

Smaller sized sheds offer the benefit of being suited to almost any location. They are the type of storage area you can add to a residential block, regardless of whether you live in a built-up area or on acreage.

And they can serve a range of purposes. A small-sized shed can be:
• a designated place to store garden tools
• a secure locker for bicycles and sporting equipment
• a space to store and protect household infrastructure like pool filters and water pumps

In serving these purposes, small sheds can add real value to your home, keeping your property neat, tidy, and free from exterior clutter while freeing up other areas inside or adjoining the home, including your garage.

The reality is, few properties have sufficient storage, and when you add useable storage that is designated to a specific purpose, items are easier to find, your property looks neater, and your tools, machinery, and equipment are better protected and secured.

On that note, even a small shed can help prolong the life of machinery, including bicycles, pool equipment, lawnmowers and tools that need to be kept under-cover, secure, and out of the weather.

Options available

When it comes to smaller sheds, there are a wealth of options available, ranging from locker-style sheds, which suit even the smallest of outdoor spaces to gable tool sheds which can serve as a workshop.

So, let’s walk through some of the options available…

Locker-style sheds

Built with strength and durability in mind, Titan Tidy Storage Lockers offer an ideal solution for a yard with limited space when it comes to storing items like bicycles, gardening equipment and swimming pool parts.

These nifty and highly convenient sheds can be attached to an existing wall of the home or can be free-standing.

Standard tool sheds

These ‘garden-variety’ sheds (pardon the pun) are great all-rounders and come in a range of sizes to suit almost any space.

They are an ideal way to store tools and garden equipment, including lawnmowers and whipper snippers.

Manufactured from 75mm steel stud for strength, Standard Tool Sheds easily accommodate shelving, and feature twin personal access doors and high, 2 metre wall.

Gable-style tool sheds

Gable-style tool sheds are the perfect solution if you’re looking for additional shed space or a workshop, but don’t have the need for a full garage.

Engineer-certified and built to stand the test of time, they feature a 10 deg gable roof, gutters and down pipes, a full range of colours, different cladding choices, and a series of different door options.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

If you’re looking for some shed inspiration, you can browse our range of shed products, including carports, garden sheds, agricultural sheds, and granny flats, here.



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