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Maintain machinery value

How a shed maintains the value of your equipment

A good solid shed is an investment. It’s one that helps improve the value of your property and also offers immense convenience when it comes to a little extra space for storage and work areas.

But when you invest in a shed, you’re not just improving the lifestyle and value of your property. Often, you’re protecting the value of the machinery and items you store within it.

Here’s why…

The harsh Australian climate

Whether you live by the beach, in the hinterland or further inland, the Australian climate is tough on machinery.

The sun is quick to affect paint and age plastic and rubber. Salt spray and rain make metals prone to rust. And let’s not even begin when it comes to the damage that can be caused by a decent storm involving hail.

All of this takes a toll on machinery, aging it prematurely.

And that happens regardless of the type or size of equipment you own – be it a caravan, a boat, mower, tools, classic cars, or the family sedan.

A longer lifespan

When you invest in a shed, you’re investing in the lifespan of valuable machinery. You’re protecting metal from rust, providing longevity to perishable rubbers and seals, and you’re also protecting the mechanisms within the machinery you own.

There’s less dirt and grime getting into engines, less water to infiltrate channels and wooden parts, and if you live near the beach, less salt spray to cause rust in everything from bikes to hand tools and vehicles.

Resale value

Chances are the items stored in your shed are assets which have financial value, and when you protect them from wear, tear, and the harsh Australian elements, you are protecting their resale value for the future.

This is particularly the case for items like boats, caravans, vehicles, farm machinery and much more.

A workspace

When it comes to owning and maintaining machinery, there’s nothing better than a dedicated workspace like a shed where you can work on your equipment in an organised, comfortable environment.

That might involve servicing an engine, rebuilding a classic car, or simply sanding back a panel on your boat, but whatever you happen to be working on, the workspace provided by a shed allows you to complete a job in your own time.

All your required tools are at your disposal and you can walk away then come back to the task when you want to.

Over time, this helps you take better care of your items


If you’ve had the chance to check your insurance premium recently, you’ll know only too well the benefits a lockable shed provides in terms of lowered insurance costs.

That’s because having insurable items like cars, camper trailers, caravans and boats housed within a shed is considered a good security measure.

It helps protect possessions from damage and theft, and other unexpected events that occur.

Ready to protect your machinery?

If you’re ready to protect the value of your equipment, Titan has a vast range of garages and sheds to suit all scenarios – from domestic sheds to farm sheds, garden sheds, and workshops.

You can view our line of garages and sheds here.

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