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How much value does a shed add?

How much value does a shed add?

With any investment, you want to see a return and it’s no different when it comes to investing in a shed. But how much value does a shed add to a property?

Well, a lot, and that value is realised in a number of ways…

A dollar figure

It’s hard to put a dollar figure on the exact value a shed adds to a property as it varies depending on the shed size, its purpose, the property involved, and the way that space can be used.

But it’s safe to say if you have two similar properties and one includes a shed, this addition is likely to make a more appealing to prospective buyers.

For example, in primary production, a shed is a must when it comes to storing machinery out of the weather and servicing it.

In city properties, where storage is tight, a shed is also a major draw card for storing items like bicycles and gardening equipment.

And in general residential areas or semi-rural zones, a shed provides an additional work space or area for secure storage and even entertaining.

Buyers searching for a shed

Although it seems almost an eon ago, a global pandemic saw the value of sheds and garages reflected in property search terms.

Along with balcony, study and courtyard, shed and garage started popping up in the criteria people were seeking in a home.

It was part of the quest for additional space as people realised the value of having alternate areas within their property where they could spend time, pursue pastimes or simply spread out.

A lot of it came down to the fact sheds can have multiple uses – whether it’s the idea of a workshop, extra storage areas to make space within the home, or the prospect of a designated space for a studio, workshop or home office.

Which brings us neatly to the point that a shed’s value isn’t just measured in a monetary sum, it offers a return in the form of storage, useability, liveability and sheer practicality.

Practical value

As we mentioned earlier, a shed offers practical value in a whole host of ways.

There’s the simple value of having extra space to store your items, the value of having a dedicated space as a workshop, the value of creating a designated area for a home/office, an additional living space or a studio.

All these uses of a shed revolve around practicality, but they also make a property more liveable, offering an alternate area to use in a way that suits your lifestyle.

And that creates value for residents and the dollar sum you can ultimately command for a property when it comes time to sell.

Protecting the value of your items

Whether it’s bicycles, farm machinery, a classic car collection or your garden equipment, having a shed as a designated space for machinery has a flow-on effect of protecting the value of your equipment.

We all know the Australian climate can be harsh and this expensive equipment is a significant outlay that is better preserved and protected when securely stored under cover.

The final word

We know a shed can make a property to potential buyers. We know it’s something property buyers are actively seeking after the past few years, and we know it creates value in terms of practicality, livability and protecting the possessions you have.

That means a shed an investment that offers a significant return, not just now but in the future when it comes time to sell.

To find out more about the shed options we have available for all different purposes and property sizes, see here.

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