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Property buyers are seeking sheds

The past couple of years have changed the way we see our homes and properties, with sheds and garages now emerging as common attributes that property buyers seek.

So how and why is that occurring and how can a shed add real value to your home?

A home for all seasons

If one major trend resulted from the global pandemic, it’s that people began to view their living spaces differently.

Not only were we relaxing at home, we were working there, exercising there, schooling our children there, and when restrictions allowed, entertaining there as well.

That saw some interesting trends emerging when it came to the features people valued in property, with property portal Domain noting people began to actively seek specific items in their new homes.

Among those search terms were ‘study’, ‘garage’, ‘courtyard’ and ‘balcony’, with ‘shed’ also getting a regular mention as well.

The rise of the humble shed

Australians have long appreciated the importance of a solid shed to house their garden equipment a workshop or valuable machinery but it took a pandemic to put that into search terms.

After all, without a shed, where can you keep your car collection, those boxes of surplus items or that garden equipment?

However, courtesy of a pandemic, suddenly the shed was valued at the same level as outdoor entertaining areas, and it was symbolic of the space we required in a changed lifestyle where our homes served multiple purposes.

Interestingly, at the same time that sheds began trending as a property search term, so did terms like dual living and granny flat.

So now we’re talking multiple generations or additional rental income in the same way we consider the convenience of a shed.

Why sheds as a property search term?

The fact sheds are gaining importance with Australian property buyers highlights a couple of trends.

Firstly, there’s been a big regional shift where acreage, lifestyle and regional areas have proved increasingly popular.

With the average Australian embracing the concept of a larger backyard block and some square metreage to call their own, a solid shed takes on renewed importance.

It’s a home to machinery and an additional place for storage.

Then there are the multiple uses of a shed – whether it’s the idea of a workshop, or the prospect of a designated space for a studio or home office.

A second trend emerging is that, with fewer travel prospects on the horizon and more time at home, the backyard asset of a shed is another place to apply that renovating budget.

And when it comes to renovations and improvements, Australians have been embracing this trend in droves.

A shed renaissance

Ultimately the desire for greater, useable space and home improvements has resulted in a shed renaissance.

Now the humble shed isn’t just seen as a nice feature to have but a backyard necessity.

And this trend isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

An increasingly houseproud nation has reignited its love of sheds, and they are serving all manner of purposes in our new post-Covid lifestyle.

Rest assured, the backyard shed is back and you haven’t seen the last of it yet.

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