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Five ways a great shed can save you money

Five ways a great shed can save you money





Whether you’re using it as a workspace, a storage area, or an additional chill out zone for your home, a shed is a great way of improving both the liveability and functionality of your property.

In the process it can also become an asset that adds value to your home while protecting equipment and machinery.

In other words, a great shed can actually save and make you money. Here’s how…

Property value

Over the past couple of years, sheds have emerged as a feature that buyers actively seek.

They know it adds value to a home in terms of storage space, somewhere to house machinery and vehicles, or just as an extra area they can utilise for equipment, a workspace, or additional items.

Although it’s hard to put a dollar figure on the exact value a shed adds to a property, in many cases it’s safe to say if you have two similar properties and one includes a shed, this addition is likely to make a more appealing to prospective buyers.

Protecting machinery

From classic cars, to boats, caravans, bicycles and tools, the shed is the perfect place to protect your valuable machinery from both the elements and theft.

Over time, this helps retain the value of your equipment. We all know how harsh the Australian climate can be and a shed is the best possible solution when it comes to mitigating its impact on the valuable equipment you invest in.

An extra workspace

Whether you love tinkering on cars, have a hobby that takes up room, or need an additional space away from the house where you can work in peace and quiet, a shed offers the ideal solution.

In fact, for many, the backyard shed is a place of business, where they can build, create, launch their own businesses, and store the items associated with running it.


From camping equipment to trailers, extraneous boxes of memorabilia and even the trusty Christmas tree, every home benefits from additional storage space where you can secure the ‘clutter’ of life.

Having your own shed can help you save on storage fees, while allowing you to retain those precious items that inevitably accumulate over time.

Additional space

It’s no secret Australians love their space. We love to entertain and revel in the sanctuary of our own homes.

And a shed can be an invaluable addition to this spacious lifestyle, acting as an additional area for entertaining or as a games room.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

Looking for some additional shed inspiration? You can find tips on storage, maintenance and some unexpected uses for your shed here or browse our range of shed options.



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