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Great ideas to give your shed the wow factor!

Great ideas to give your shed the wow factor!






There’s no doubting the sheer practicality of a shed when it comes to additional space to work and store machinery or excess items.

But who said a shed can’t be stunning as well? In fact, there are a host of different ways to inject personality into a shed and give it a real wow factor that makes it appealing and also adds extra value to your home.

Here are seven ideas to give your shed the wow factor…


When we think of a good old fashioned Australian shed, tin tends to spring to mind, but that’s not the only option when it comes to your shed’s exterior.

If you’re looking to take it up a notch or blend it in with the look of your home, cladding is an excellent option.

There are a host of different cladding looks to choose from, ranging from the more traditional V-dek, and Q-dek to a corrugated iron style or horizontal weatherboard cladding.

Each of these is a available in a range of different colours so you can create a shed that really makes a statement or ties in effortlessly with the look and feel of your home.

Doors and windows

Doors and windows create natural light and ventilation inside the shed, but they also serve an aesthetic purpose as well.

And again, there are a wealth of different options to consider. From French doors, which give your shed a provincial feel, to sleek pannelled roller doors, and more.


Landscaping around your shed offers the opportunity to make a real impression.

Whether it’s a country-style garden which welcomes you to a shed that is an artist’s studio or tropical landscaping around a shed office or workshop, landscaping is where you can let your imagination run wild and really make a stunning statement.

Awnings and shade sails

Sometimes it’s the little extras that add up to create an incredible effect, and when it comes to sheds these extras might include a shade sail or awning.

Both create additional shaded areas around your shed, which can be put to practical use as an undercover space for cars and equipment, or create a great space for outdoor entertaining.

A carport

And speaking of additions, a carport is a great way to extend your shed with yet another practical and usable area.

Whether it adjoins an existing shed or is a little separated, it provides an alternative area to store machinery undercover or adds a whole new usable zone to an existing shed structure.

Interior organisation

It’s not just what’s outside a shed that counts. The way you organise the interior also offers the opportunity to create a great impression.

From storage solutions to interior walls, insulation and lighting, little additions to a shed’s interior help improve both the functionality and look.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

Looking for some additional shed inspiration? You can find tips on storage, maintenance and some unexpected uses for your shed here or browse our range of shed options.

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