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Six shed storage solutions







Chances are, if you’ve invested in a shed, one of its major functions is to provide additional storage.

After all, storage is just one of those things in life – you can never have enough and there’s no better way to declutter your home than by having an extra area that’s lockable, secure, weather-proof and can accommodate all the overflow of modern life.

That said, you also want any storage area to make your life easier, providing a place where you can easily put things away and then find them when you need to.

So, let’s look at six highly-effective shed storage solutions that add value and practicality to your shed.

Simple shelving

Shelving is one those easy additions that allows you to neatly store both small and large items.

It’s also a storage solution you can create yourself or readily source from a hardware store.

To really make your shelving versatile and practical, don’t forget to anchor it to your shed wall, and create different height shelves for different types of items.

Cupboards and cabinets

Cupboards and cabinets help keep your shed neat and organised, allowing you to store some items out of sight.

This also offers the opportunity to add an extra layer of security, courtesy of lockable cupboards and cabinets where valuable items can be housed.

Hooks and racks

When it comes to gardening equipment like rakes and shovels, hooks are an ideal storage solution, but it’s not just limited to long items.

To neatly secure smaller implements, like trowels, hooks are also a great alternative. Meanwhile even paintbrushes and rollers can be neatly stored by running a small length of thin dowel or wire through the holes in the handles and positioning it between the shed roof beams.

And, if DIY doesn’t feel like an option, there are some great ready made storage racks that accommodate everything from tools to gardening equipment.

Tool storage

There are few things less appealing than rummaging around in boxes looking for the right spanner, hammer or that screwdriver you last used a couple of years ago, which makes effective tool storage paramount for the successful functioning of any shed.

Here shadow boards offer a simple but effective solution, along with some good-old labelled boxes or jars. Alternatively, you can also go more high-tech with tool cabinets and bin racks for small parts like nuts and screws.

Bikes and boards

When it comes to big bulky items that get in the way, bikes and surfboards can be prime candidates. That’s where racks come into their own, including nifty hoists and racks that allow your bikes and boards to be neatly stored overhead.

If something less technical is what you have in mind, you can always put those shed rafters to good use, storing surfboards and other lengthy items like light planks of wood between two overhead ceiling beams.

Drawers and boxes

Regardless of whether you have shelves, cabinets, workbenches or racks, the shed is a space to really embrace a love of boxed storage and drawers.

Whether it’s large industrial style boxes or readily available plastic ones, boxes help protect precious items and keep all your extraneous bits and bobs together.

Coupled with shelves and some nice labelling, they also help you keep your shed looking neat and tidy and allow you to find what you need quickly.

Meanwhile, drawers are easy to implement and relatively simple to install, providing a nice, tidy space to accommodate items and ensure they’re always accessible.

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