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Your Shed Makeover | Transform the Look of Your Shed

Your Shed Makeover | Transform the Look of Your Shed

Whether you want a shed to match your home, to make it disappear into its surroundings or are simply looking for a bit of a change, a shed makeover can be affordable, easy and even add value to your property.

A standard shed may be fine when first installed, but growing vegetation a home repaint or a change of heart may call for a new look for your trusty Titan.

Here are a few quick and affordable ideas for your shed makeover, giving it new life and even more appeal:


With some stainless steel primer, a new coat of paint can be easy. Using a spray gun will reduce time even more and, once prepped, the paint job itself might only take an hour or two. Check the surrounding plants and buildings before selecting your paint and choose something that either blends in or complements what is around it.

If your sheeting is damaged or pre-painted, it might be more beneficial to replace rather than repaint. This will also increase the integrity and lifespan of your shed, so is a beneficial, if very infrequent investment. With over 20 colours to choose from and even the option of weatherboard-like TC Cladding, you can rapidly change the entire look of your shed or garage.


Plants can change the look of your garage, shed or even your carport in two opposite ways: they can enhance it, giving it an attractive splash of colour to draw attention to it, or they can camouflage it.

If you want to bring the floral look, there are a couple of considerations to make. Groundwater can cause some serious damage over time, either to your building’s sheeting or by slowly seeping underneath and harming your possessions.

Use pots, planters or raised beds to isolate your plants and keep them from directly touching or affecting your shed. If you would prefer a sunken flowerbed, ensure that there is at least 30 centimetres between the bed and the wall of your shed to avoid consistent dampness on your sheeting.

If you want to hide your shed away, trellises can easily be attached to the outside walls of your shed. If drilling fresh holes into your shed, always drill into a framework for added strength and use some form or waterproof washer or sealant around the hole. The best idea is to use pre-existing holes wherever possible.

As with flowers, it’s important that your creeping plants don’t harm your shed sheeting. Planting too closely can cause roots to undermine foundations in addition to the water damage previously mentioned. Use pots or planters, or even recess a metal or plastic tray into the ground to contain both roots and moisture. Just make sure it’s big enough for plenty of root expansion so your creepers don’t become root-bound.


The inside of your garage or shed is a blank canvas waiting to be tackled. There are plenty of panelling options to choose from to change the look, but a little bit of forward-thinking can greatly improve your building. Adding insulation will improve climate control inside, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer, so if you’re going to be spending extended time in your workshed or garage, consider adding insulation batts before erecting panelling.

Depending on what look you are going for, there are numerous options for interior panels. Garages and carpentry sheds look great with some cheap and simple ply panelling, but though it adds some brightness to a work area, it’s not particularly welcoming. Galvanised sheeting can offer a classic Aussie Outback feel to a man-cave and, done right, can be very impressive.

If you’re looking at converting your shed into an additional room, such as an artist’s studio, home office or spare room, re-sheeting the outside with our metal TC  horizontal cladding works perfectly, turning your plain tin shed into a warm, cosy and welcoming new room.

Whatever kind of makeover you’re after, plan ahead, think of the eventualities and have fun with it! Your shed or garage isn’t just an outbuilding, it should be an extension of your home and personality.

If you have any questions about your planned makeover, talk to our team today for professional advice on doing it the right way.

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