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Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Men all over the world are realising that they simply don’t have the required amount of space to do the things that they need to do. Enter the man cave.

In addition to being a practical area for a man to use for work or play, a man cave can add significant value and appeal to your property. It can transform what was once a place to park cars into a truly urban oasis within your home. But unfortunately a man cave is not that easy to build, and sticking to some key guidelines will help you turn your humble garage into a man cave that will be the talk of the neighbourhood and the stuff of legend amongst your friends.

So let’s get into it.


Before commencing a man cave project, it is important to get an idea of the types of things that you like. Looking for inspiration and putting some thought into how you could potentially make use of your existing space to create your oasis is the first crucial step. You could do this by looking at man cave inspiration online, or instead, listing all your hobbies and interests and finding a way to include all of these in the design of your man cave.


Once you’ve nailed down a general idea of the layout and design of your man cave, the fun begins. Any good artist needs to start with a clean canvas, so you will need to completely clean out your garage and create a blank slate for your handy work. This sounds daunting but is absolutely necessary, so put in the effort.


Most garages suffer from insufficient insulation, which not only means that your household energy bills are at risk, but the general level of comfort for your human inhabitants of the garage is compromised. Therefore, it’s vital that you insulate your space accordingly. Our range of insulation rolls is perfect for this.


A fresh coat of paint in an appealing colour will do wonders for the space. It will truly change the tone of the space and provide the backdrop to your oasis. Pick a neutral colour that is soothing to you and makes you want to spend time in there.


Lighting is a trick of the interior design trade. The simple addition of some appropriate lighting can completely transform any space. The world is your oyster here, from downlights, to lamps to spotlights – you choose the type of environment you want to create (depending on the circuitry and availability of light fitting points, that is).


Say goodbye to that concrete floor with oil stains. A large part of an inviting man cave is an interesting floor, whether it be wood, checkerboard or polished concrete. Carpet is generally not recommended but wood can be a great option as it also improves insulation (compared to concrete).

Furniture and appliances

When your space is ready to be furnished, you can choose the pieces that reflect your style and personality, and provide the utility that you need. This could be a reclining cinema chair or a couch. This process should include things such as your TV, stereo, and any other mandatory furnishings for your man cave. Pool table, anyone?

Don’t forget that many of your items will require power points (don’t forget the bar fridge) so ensure you have sufficient sockets available and you are not overloading your outlets.


With so much valuable gadgetry in your man cave, you will really need to pay particular attention to the security of this space. Grills, doors, and locks are all mandatory to keep the place locked down. Our range of locks, latches, security doors, and window grills can help you turn your man cave into a fortress. In addition to keeping intruders out, you probably also want to keep vermin and pests out, so our foam vermin products are perfect for sealing up those doors and spaces.

Organisation and storage

The man cave may be your personal oasis, but keeping it organised is paramount. Cabinetry, shelving, and hooks can all help you to keep things in their place, so ensure you spend the time and energy planning appropriate storage solutions. It is likely that the garage space will still need to be used to park your car and keep some other household items, but this doesn’t mean that your space needs to be compromised. Get creative with your storage.

The man cave is a rewarding space that is well worth the effort, so take your time and plan appropriately. There is something truly satisfying about designing and building your man cave with your own labour, and after the hard work is done, you will have earned that truly personal urban oasis for yourself. Revel in all of its glory and get ready to be the talk of the town. Be warned though – your friends may never leave.

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