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The Titan Buyer’s Guide: 6 Steps to Your New Titan

The Titan Buyer’s Guide: 6 Steps to Your New Titan

So, you want to buy a new Titan Garage or Shed?

Before you go ahead and order a garage or shed, there are a few things to consider, to make the job run smoothly and get the best result from your Titan.


Firstly, consider your needs and the space available. Something too small will be a waste, an oversized shed may dominate a small back yard. Measure out the amount of space available and select a Titan that will work within that area. While trees, rocks and uneven ground can all be removed or levelled, they will add additional cost when preparing the ground and pouring your slab, so consider a flatter, clear area to reduce expenses.


As mentioned above, your shed or garage isn’t your only expense. Preparing the site will incur its own costs and will vary greatly from location to location, so take this into account and even request an assessment quote before you begin work.

Titan offers , with deposit on order and the balance required prior to delivery. This allows you to order well in advance and pay off your new building in manageable instalments.


As well as the location itself, you will need to consider site access. Delivery will require plenty of space to unload your new shed onsite. You may need to temporarily remove fencing, ask access permission from neighbours or completely reconsider your choice of Titan if access for a larger structure isn’t an option.


Making sure that your site is clear, level and ready to take your new Titan is absolutely essential. You will need to have a concrete slab poured to provide a solid base for your Titan, so preparation will be required even in the most clear and flat space.

Titan’s fully-qualified, registered builders can offer you advice on what work will need to be completed before the slab is poured. Even better, Titan staff can complete all the necessary preparation for you. about your options.


A concrete slab is the most important part of any build. It will make sure the structure is level, secure and won’t be vulnerable to sinking or groundwater. Just like your site preparation, Titan is here for you, whatever you decide. Our assessors will give you the essential engineering information you’ll need to either do the job yourself or employ an independent contractor to do for you. However, as we know our business so well, the best solution is to request Titan to complete the entire process. With over 100,000 happy customers, we know our business from the ground up, so we’ll make sure your slab is to the best quality and requirements for your project.


Just like points 4 and 5, Titan can do all, some or nothing. If you choose to erect your shed yourself, our detailed expert manuals will help you to get all your screws in the right place. With our staff always available on the other end of the phone, you’re always able to call with any questions if you get stuck. We’ll also offer you advice and the skills and tools you’ll need to get the job done properly.

Faster, easier and more qualified and experienced, our registered team of builders will get the job done quicker and guarantee the quality of the build, so leaving it to the experts is definitely more advisable.

The Titan team has built thousands of sheds and garages across the country and has the experience to help you every step of the way. So, whether you want to do the job yourself, employ contractors or get our experts to build you Titan from start to finish, we’ve always got your back.

Talk to the team today about your requirements.

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