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The Most Exciting Jet Ski, Boating and Kayak Product Releases for 2017

The Most Exciting Jet Ski, Boating and Kayak Product Releases for 2017

We’ve got some absolute powerhouse jet skis coming out this year, as well as some magnificently elegant yachts and boats, not to mention a boatload of kayaks, utilities, accessories, and camping accompaniments for rough riders. Whether you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the nautical world or just want to upgrade the fleet, this year promises to be a good time to do it.


Let’s kick off the jetty with a few aspirational models. The 2017 boat line is one dominated by emergent technologies in the manufacturing and control process, and as such, we’ll be seeing some real beauties across the board, from the million plus luxury range, to the old faithful tinny fishing craft.

2017 in large boat terms is dominated by imports; some very promising models coming in from both the East and West coast of America, a couple of New Zealand models, and only a small scattering of competing domestic stock. We’ve got a lot more representation in smaller craft and unpowered boating, however.

Tracker Pro Guide V-175 SC

Winning a 2017 Australia’s Greatest Boats award from Tradeboats, The V-175 SC is an absolutely ripping aluminium model boat designed to outperform much more expensive fibreglass hull designs.

It’s got power behind it (115 Horsepower, to be exact), plenty of storage and seating room, with adjustable seat controls, and a surprisingly smooth ride for its craft type and design.

This boat, in its heart, is made for some heavy fishing expeditions. Featuring not only a reinforced hull, but a lifetime hull guarantee backing it up, as well as a whole host of adjustable tanks and mounts for fishing accessories, it’s an American import that’s really blowing away some of the local competition.

Cobalt Range

Cobalt are another American range that have been making waves recently. While they’ve only seriously begun ramping up sales in Australia over the last six months, they’re already showing off some great capabilities.

The 2017 Cobalt range is designed with comfort and style in mind; they’re a luxury craft (a little pricey, but a lot of comfort and power behind them) and have a lot of variation in the range. The 200S and 220S series showcases the capacity for a large powerhouse in a small boat, while the CS1 and CS3 are all about cruising in style.

Hopefully, the emergence of these outside powerhouses in the back half of 2016 and 2017 will kick Aussie manufacturers back into gear.

Sailfish 2800

Thirdly, an Aussie model. This classic, award winning Catamaran has been reinforced a couple of times over its iterations, and this year it’s sporting a thickened hull, increased rear buoyancy, and some tightened up internals – with no more ugly pumps! On deck, it’s been maximised for space, foregoing an elongated cabin for more deck room (though not lacking in the former, it’s still standard length). Inside, it’s got everything from a pull-out shower to full-room toilet, sleek controls, and comfy seating. It’s a serious craft for a serious day-fisher, and a great addition to the range.

As always, if you’re looking for somewhere to store your boats, ARD has you covered, with a full range of storage solutions for bulky beasts such as boats.


Pelican Catch 120 NXT

The Catch might be a contender for most poorly named product on our list today, because it turns out there isn’t one. It’s a fantastic, extremely competitively priced fisher kayak that’s easy to store, has good grip, speed, and storage, and has a surprising amount of customisation.

It’s a Canadian brand, and technically part of their 2016 lineup, but it’s only finally making its way to us now. Better late than never!

Advanced Elements AF Expedition

This one’s an inflatable, which first off makes it very easy to store, but with an easy-assemble framework within it that turns into more of a hybrid frame model. Easy to setup, a joy to speed through the water on, and with some great control and stability for a model of its type.

Jet skis

There’s a bevy of great racers coming out this year, across a whole host of price points. If you’re looking to go fast, 2017 has you 100% covered.

Kawasaki SX-R

Kawasaki are making Jetskis again! You might recognise the brand as being the progenitor of the first stand-up jet ski on the wider market, and their return to form with their 2017 SX-R model is a doozy.

It’s a big model indeed, measuring in at 106 x 30”. This represents a good 20% increase in length over the previous model, and sporting a massive buoyancy increase means that it strikes a great picture cruising over the waters like a hog motorcycle.

Rotax 900 HO ACE

Designed for a competitive price-point, the 900 has some absolutely divine handling skills, power, and looks – for an absurdly low price.

The ethos behind the model is simple; it’s deliberately underpriced compared to its pedigree, brand, and specs, and designed to lure newcomers into the world of jet skis, The only downside is maintenance, where you’re going to be looking at something a lot like an Apple product. Little in the way of interactivity outside of routine checkers, and while it should work, you’re going to be looking at a trip to the repair shop for a breakdown (unless it’s a routine failure).

Awesome products dominating the water in 2017

2017 is going to see the release of a number of awesome jet ski, kayak and boat models. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a ‘big boy’s toy’ for the weekend, now is the time to invest! Once you’ve chosen, make sure to plan your storage and maintenance routine for your new vessel, making sure that your garage is safe and sound.

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