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The Benefits of Downsizing & Tiny Living

The Benefits of Downsizing & Tiny Living

Nowadays, there has been continuous trend of homeowners that have moved towards downsizing as new way of living. Families or retirees have come to realise that “living bigger” doesn’t always mean “living better”.  With the rising rates in real estate properties, living in smaller homes have found its way in the hearts of many Australian homeowners. Whether the decision is voluntary or being forced to move for job relocation or other life events, there are always great benefits into decreasing your home size. Aside from lowering your mortgage payment and taxes, it will also reduce utility and maintenance expenses. Here are 10 benefits of living in a small house.

1. You Have Less to Clean

Getting tired of scheduling that most avoidable “General Cleaning Day” and spend an all-day, all-family affair just cleaning your 2,500 square foot house? I even feel exhausted just by thinking about it.

Now, imagine doing your 15-minute workout routine making those brisk walking, light bending and warm-up leg exercises just by cleaning your new 1,400 square foot home. Trust me, that won’t even break a sweat.

2. Save money on frivolous living

There is a saying, “Money saved, is money earned.” That means the money you don’t spend on buying items just to fill that empty space at home, becomes your pot of gold in the end. No more wasting money on furniture, electronics, appliances, and home items that are used to fill than to fulfill a function. Downsizing will you help you prioritize more on life and only bring in what is necessary for your home.

3. Smaller home often leads to Happier home

Smaller homes create an environment where family members and roommates get organised and can adapt over living arrangements, sharing the same closets, and making that small home to feel cozy instead of cramped. Instead of looking at a smaller home as a downgrade, look at it as a way to a happier home environment.

4. You Have More Free Time

In living small, you may avoid the time costs of maintaining all that stuff, as well as the time cost of keeping your large house clean and in good repair. Living in a small house means that the needs for your home take a smaller bite out of your free time, allowing you to pursue the things in life that you are really passionate about. You have more time to be outdoor and meet new neighbors and friends.

5. Save more on energy and money

Save on electricity bills, maintenance costs and even cleaning services. From heating and cooling costs to water savings, it definitely costs a lot more to run a larger home. Smaller homes will give you the added benefit of reducing your family’s energy bill in the warmer and cooler months. You won’t need major renovations or to hire the best cleaning services to sniff out all the dirt in those corners. A quick sweep and a handheld vacuum can just do the trick. I bet your wallet says, “Kerching!”

6. Downsize today, Travel tomorrow

Your house requires a lot of work when you leave town. From ensuring security systems and doors and windows are properly monitored to monitoring exterior lighting and keeping your lawn maintained. This means enjoyable activities such as traveling are no longer burden when you have a large home.  With downsizing, traveling can be less of a hassle when you need to leave your home for extended amounts of time. So, pack your bags and get ready for your next getaway destination.

7 . Optimise Your Space

You might have that huge 5-bedroom house, and we always look forward celebrating those annual family reunions, festive Christmas parties or Pops birthday dinner. But what happens in the next 360 days without having guests? Your house only needs maintaining.

These are some factors to consider how families actually use their space on a day-to-day basis. You will be much happier using all of your available space the 360 days of the year. It’s always better to plan for regular rather than irregular use since it’s easier to find creative solutions for infrequent problems.
8. Unleash the Creativity in you

Wake up that interior designing skills with creative organization. Bookshelves that are built-in to what normally would be a bare wall can make any space into an instant library. Vertical organization in a small closet can be enhanced with split areas for folded, hung, and drawer wardrobe storage. Downsizing your home will you get rid of the clutter and will help you organise only what is essential.

9. Downsizing can open a new chapter

For many homeowners downsizing their home can be a new chapter. Whether you are an empty nester who has older children who have moved out, to those who have suffered from a loss of a spouse, friend or relative. Downsizing has a way to start a new life in a new home. Consider opting for a smaller home that could have less upkeep, possibility of a homeowner’s association that can maintain the grounds and other amenities to enjoy your home as opposed to maintenance. Read that new book, learn a new skill or cook your new recipe, living in a small home gives you the privilege to do things one step at a time.

10. The Bottom Line

Downsizing isn’t just for empty-nesters or those who bought more house than they can afford. If you live in a big house, think about how downsizing to a small one could improve your life, your relationships, and your bottom line.

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