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Solar Carports – The Wave of The Future?

Solar Carports – The Wave of The Future?

Note that Titan Garages does not sell Solar Panels. However, our carports are trafficable and can be installed with solar panels.

With energy prices across Australia rising constantly, most households are looking into ways to reduce their energy bills.  While a typical carport or stand-alone garage provides vehicle protection and shade, building a standard carport can be a missed opportunity with one of the latest emerging technologies to hit Australia, the solar carport.

Solar carports are not just installing solar panels on your existing carport and hoping it reduces your energy bill, instead they have more in common with ground solar panels because they are angled instead of flat mounted. This makes them more efficient as you can change the angle to best take advantage of your property orientation.  They can be angled upwards in one direction, curved or flat, depending on the layout of your property to ensure they get optimal sun exposure time to maximise the energy gained.

With rooftop solar systems, homeowners can often run into issues installing a big enough system because they may not have a suitable roof area. When the panels serve as the roof of the carport itself, orientation and size are not an issue.  The solar carport can be installed on metal or wood supports, and the sides of the carport can be enclosed as needed, giving any needed privacy and security for your belongings. As a stand-alone structure, solar carports can be designed for both optimum solar energy collection and vehicle protection.

Solar carport kits are approximately the same cost of a new carport and a similar sized solar output system, but due to their flexibility, they can generate more power to the grid than a standard solar system.  Currently, the Australian government offers incentives to homeowners who switch to solar power. You can get rebates on the installation of solar panels and credits on your energy bill for any energy you generate over your usage.  With the right angle and placement, they will eventually pay for themselves in the electricity generated. They can also be linked directly to a battery instead of the power grid and be used as a substitute for a charging station for an electric car.

Solar carports come in a range of sizes and shapes, including single, double and oversized, perfect for storing your cars, boats and other gear.  Installing a solar carport instead of a standard carport has a lot of benefits, not just for the environment but for your wallet.

Titan Garages & Sheds do not sell solar panels or carports with solar panels installed. However, Titan carport roofs are trafficable and will take solar panels no problem.

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