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Protecting your possessions

Whether you are just popping to the shops or heading off for two weeks’ holiday, the security of your home is your final thought as you leave.

We lock our doors, close our windows, secure our gates, sometimes even install mesh security screens to prevent any unwanted entry, yet our property outside the four walls of our house remains vulnerable.

Of course, no one is going to be able to hoist your boat or trailer over the garden wall without neighbours getting at least a little bit suspicious, but what of all your smaller possessions?

Your bicycles, motorbikes, kayaks, even your barbecues and pool equipment are vulnerable to theft and to the elements when left outside. Bike locks and chains don’t present too much of an issue to a determined thief, and anything not bolted down can easily be stolen with little effort. Added to this, the Australian climate can rapidly take a toll on those items left outdoors. Heavy rain and harsh sun can combine to damage our possessions and a constant coating of salty air can rapidly rust or corrode any metals in coastal regions.

Luckily, there is an easy solution. All of your outdoor possessions, large or small, can be easily secured and conveniently stored in a simple tool shed or locker. Not only does a Titan shed hide your valuable assets from prying eyes, with fitted key and padbolt locks and all the strength, durability and engineering precision of the entire Titan range, it offers the security to deter even the most determined of thieves.

The added benefit of high-quality steel, multiple colour options and exceptional standards in weatherproofing ensure that your possessions will be protected as much from the elements as they will light fingers.

Colour-matched to your home to blend in seamlessly, a storage locker is the ideal way to provide security for all of those items too large or messy to store inside. Built to order and to your requirements, you don’t need to invest in a large garage or barn to make sure your property is safe.

Many of our possessions, especially your leisure toys, including smaller watercraft, fishing gear and camping equipment, are too bulky or large to be stored inside. We still need garage space for our family cars, so often relegate these items to unsecure areas of our properties. With a range of design options, including a wide choice of sizes, three versatile models and roller or double access doors, accommodation of even your largest items is simple and convenient.

With a 50-75mm stud frame secured to your house or slab, 25 percent thicker roof and wall battens and premium-quality fixtures, Titan Sheds and storage lockers give you all the space and security you need for all of your outdoor items, plus the peace of mind to know your possessions will be safe, secure and protected from the elements at all times.

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