Goldstar with Horizontal TC Cladding

Goldstar with Horizontal TC Cladding

TC cladding looks amazing! Looks like no other shed out there, built only on the goldstar

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TC CLADDING LOOKS AMAZING!  Looks like no other shed out there, built only on THE GOLDSTAR


Back in 1992 Titan set out to design a domestic garage that would be stronger, more modern and easier to erect than any shed.

The designers and engineers working in conjunction with the workshop manager and a team of erectors developed what is now Australia's most popular shed.

Goldstar uses a 75mm STEEL STUD FRAME similar to houses, the frames and Trusses are HENROB SELF PIERCING INDUSTRIAL RIVETED together in the factory which makes building this shed A ONE PERSON JOB!

The Roof trusses are designed for full load bearing yet are light enough to be lifted by one person. The heavy-duty roof battens are 25% stronger than all the others and being from Queensland it's designed for all cyclone prone areas. Ask around, some sheds can't be walked on! What The? are they kidding?

25% stronger roof battens, roof sheeting. Largest colour range, more door clearance, easy to line the steel stud frame walls, over 100,000 sold in Queensland/ NSW alone!

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