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Multi-Purposing | Creating Spaces & Zones

Multi-Purposing | Creating Spaces & Zones

When you first invest in a new shed, the temptation is to cram it with oversized items and home clutter.

Of course, this is a great way to keep everything safe and dry and ease your home storage, but it also makes it hard to stay organised and find items when you need them most.

By planning ahead and zoning your garage, you can maximise storage potential and not need a treasure map to navigate the chaos!

Here are a few tips to keeping on top of your garage organisation:
Plan Your Garage Space

Planning in advance means that you’ll start out in control. Before you even set foot in your new , think about what your main needs are. Even draw out a rough floorplan so that, when you’re ready to move everything in, you’ll know exactly what goes where.

Allocate Usage

Whatever size your new or , you’ll likely have primary and secondary purposes for buying it. For example, you may need a garage to protect your car from the weather, but you also need somewhere to store your tools. The car is your primary purpose, so allocate that space, then work out how best to arrange the remaining areas for optimal storage, easy accessibility and without turning parking your car into a game of Tetris!

Assign Areas or Shelving

If your new garage will be used by the whole family, assign different areas for each user. The kids may have a spot closest to the roller door so they don’t cause mayhem when trying to get their push bikes out. The avid gardener might have a under the window to keep pots and soil in one place. The handyman or woman may have a tool board on one wall. Whoever will be using the space should know where their tools or toys can be found and not need to overturn the whole garage to find them. You can even colour-code the areas, with painted shelving, coloured wall panels or hanging banners.

Create Physical Garage Dividers

With larger garages and sheds, you may have the luxury of some additional space to erect dividers to physically separate your spaces. Freestanding shelving can work well for this purpose, even providing double-sided storage for two purposes. As always, make sure your shelving is secure and heavier items are placed on lower shelves. If one use or user will be creating a mess, such as sawdust, you may even wish to erect internal wall panels to create a permanent, dustproof divider between your areas. Even a hanging sheet or tarp can give you a sufficient separator between the different areas of your garage.

However big your garage or shed, by adding dividers, designating spaces and keeping everything in the right place, you’ll save time and frustration, and help to protect your more valuable item.

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