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How To Turn A Carport Into A Beautiful Patio

How To Turn A Carport Into A Beautiful Patio

You could try breaking up and removing the concrete base, however that’s a long and potentially expensive process, and the land underneath could take a long time restore and become lush and green like the rest of the garden.

Alternatively, with just a little creativity and some basic DIY skills, that same space could easily be turned into a killer outdoor entertainment and recreation area – a patio for all of your home parties, family gatherings, relaxed summer dinners, and even those relaxed afternoons with a book and a cup of tea.

Build a roof and consider

The first, obvious place to start is to make sure it has a roof. Most carports are already covered, of course, but consider installing a simple veranda over the top of it, to provide the space with some nice shade during summer, and protection from the elements year-round.

You might even be tempted to build some extra walls to further protect yourself from the elements in the space, though of course be mindful that the point of a patio is to breathe in the fresh air. One or two walls might help the space feel cosier, but make sure fresh air flow is still fully facilitated.

The majority of carports have a concrete floor. Think about if you want your patio to keep this flooring, or if maybe you want to upgrade it – polished concrete could be one viable option. You may also want to consider using floorboards or brick.

Clean, repaint and furnish

Once the space has been constructed, the next step will be to thoroughly clean and repaint it, as need be, and then furnish. What furnishings you choose will depend on your primary planned use for the space. For example, will it be mostly used as an outdoor entertainment space? The typical car port is big enough to house a good sized outdoor table set and BBQ. Wire up an outdoor power outlet so you can set up the speakers when you’ve got guests over, and you’ve got the perfect space that won’t require people to trample around indoors.

Alternatively, you might be looking to create a space to relax in comfortably outdoors. In this case, a nice outdoor setting with plenty of room, comfortable chairs, and side tables for coffee pots and magazines is the way to go.

Remember, the furniture you select for your outdoor setting should be different to what you use indoors, because even if it’s a well protected space, the elements are going to damage them to a degree. Thankfully, there is no shortage of options for outdoor furniture available in most hardware or furniture stores.

Add vibrancy

One thing to note about disused car ports is they can look quite cold and uninviting. You’ll want to soften that look right down in order to create a space that feels comfortable and calm.

There are three things that you can add to a carport-turned-patio that will help to add vibrancy to the space:

1)   Plants – plants are a great way to add life and colour to your new space. One of the most visually impressive things you can do is have hanging pots plants placed around the space with plenty of greenery sprouting from in them.

2)   Fabrics – one popular thing to do with car ports that aren’t enclosed (i.e don’t have one or two walls) is to put up curtains, using a fabric that is resilient to the elements. This creates a nice visual effect during the summer that give a cool, breezy impression, and when closed helps to provide some cover from the weather if it’s breezy or raining.

Colourful cushions on chairs is also a must; they’re comfortable to sit on, and add colour to the space, helping to distract from the bricks and concrete. Also consider adding a rug or mat outside, to take some of the bland grey effect away from the floor.

3)   Decorations – some woodwork or ceramic decorations, which are resilient to outdoor conditions, can help to give the space an inviting feel.

All ready to go? Great! There’s just one more thing… invest in some good quality bug repellent! You don’t want to create a beautiful new space, only to get attacked by mosquitoes.

Unused carports don’t have to be an eyesore on your property – with a bit of TLC, they can become an exciting, attractive and useful space you can use all year round.

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