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How to Store and Maintain Garden Tools in Your Backyard Shed

How to Store and Maintain Garden Tools in Your Backyard Shed

Not only is it dangerous, but you actually have no idea where things are and you end up spending half your weekend fixing the mess and inevitably don’t have time to do the job you set out to do in the first place. Does this sound familiar? A messy shed with tools and equipment not stored correctly is all too common. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you garden tools are stored properly for good.

Install a Storage System

Just like storage within the home, your shed also needs to have the equipment and furnishing available in order to store items correctly. There are plenty of items on the market that provide your shed with storage capabilities. Storage shed cupboards and drawers help you to reorganise and make use of draws and cabinets to store your garden items. A system that has heavy-duty castor wheels is ideal as you can move it around the shed to suit your needs in case you acquire new goods or tools and need to make more room for them. If you’re able to get a system with lockable drawers or cupboards, this is ideal for storing garden chemicals so that they are out of reach of children and pets.

Dedicate Areas

If you’re storing soil, fertilizer and mulch, dedicate a specified area of the shed for these types of needs. The area should be cool and dark, but also in a space that can easily be accessed for when you require them. These types of products are great for the garden, but they’re also prone to growing mould, moss, fungus and bacteria. They can also be harmful if inhaled when in an enclosed space, so ensuring the environment and where they are placed is safe is quite important.

Hanging Tools

If you have a variety of tools for the garden, you might want to ensure that they are placed in an area where they can easily be reached and used but they aren’t in the way and are stored correctly. This is where adjustable wall racks and hooks are ideal. If possible, use hooks and racks on the walls of your shed so that your gardening tools can be stored up high and out of the way, but still accessible when you need them. This also ensures that they don’t fall over and cause any kind of trip or fall hazard for anyone entering the shed.

Tool Boxes

You might only associate toolboxes with hardware equipment such as spanners, screwdrivers and the like, but toolboxes are also great for storing your gardening needs. If you have other tools like previously mentioned, ensure they are all stored correctly in boxes or drawers to keep them safe and secure. If you have toolboxes in your shed for all your needs, they can be suitably organised and you won’t have to spend half the weekend looking for that spanner or that suitably sized socket ever again. The same applies for small items such as nails and screws. By storing them away, you won’t have any mishaps of accidentally stepping on them and causing a medical emergency.

Cleaning Materials

Not many people do this, but after a long day of working in the garden or working on that latest DIY project, do you find yourself gathering your tools ready to clean them before storing them away? Probably not. However, it’s probably for the best. By cleaning your tools after use, not only will they look great, but it also ensures they have a longer lasting life. If they’re cleaned of the gunk and dirt they’re subjected to, they’re less likely to be worn by chemicals and dirt and can stay sharp and ready to use the next time you need them. By storing some cleaning equipment in your shed, you’ll have an area of the shed that you can quickly go to after using your tools to clear them of any dirt or debris before storing the tools away. Cleaning agents can be as simple as some wipes, rags or, depending on your usage, cans of degreaser and WD-40.

Silica Gel Packs

Those little bags that you get in your new pair of shoes or certain types of food packets may come in handy for the avid gardener. Although these are normally thrown away, they can actually help to keep your tools in good working order. These little packs are designed to keep moisture at bay, so when your tools are stored outdoors in the shed, depending on the climate you live in, they may be subjected to rusting. By adding a couple of these packs to your toolboxes or drawers, you’ll be able to help minimise the amount of moisture that sits with your tools. In hot climate areas, these silica gel packs may not be as effective, but they certainly can’t do harm.

Once all your tools are stored correctly and you have in place some measures to ensure your tools last longer and don’t rust, you’ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing that everything is in a place where you know where to find it. You won’t ever have to go back to your shed, searching for that packet of screws or tripping over the shovel or having to buy new tools because the old ones are all rusty. With simple steps to ensure your shed is organised, you’ll have longer lasting tools and a safe and secure shed for your items.

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