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Creative shed solutions

Think sheds and what springs to mind? Is it a handy backyard shed, an agricultural or farm shed that accommodates large machinery, or an extra covered space to store your cars, boats and caravans.

The truth is there’s more to shed design than meets the eye with an array of options and configurations available.

So, let’s take a look at some creative shed solutions that suit any space and purpose you have in mind.


Say the word shed and, for most people, it’s a garage style shed that first comes to mind. And that’s true! Garages remain incredibly popular when it comes to adding additional storage space or a workshop to a property.

But even these come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from single sheds with one roller door to multi-bay sheds complete with workshops.

Each then offers further options, including additional access doors, sliding glass doors, sectional doors and roof ventilators, to name a few.


For those looking to add a little extra covered space to their property, a carport is a natural solution and they too come in different options.

Whether you intend to use it as a place to store a vehicle, boat, or caravan or perhaps enjoy a little extra space for entertaining, carports are available in different widths and heights with either gable or skillion roofs.

Small sheds and storage lockers

Bigger isn’t always what’s required when it comes to a shed which caters to your needs. Sometimes all that’s needed is a small storage shed or a place to house your tools and garden equipment.

That’s where tool sheds and storage lockers come in. Suited to properties where space might be limited, Titan’s tool sheds and storage lockers are available in different sizes.

Options include gabled sheds which are much like the smaller cousin of our traditional garages, along with standard tool sheds which can be up to 3.06 x3.06 metres in size, and storage lockers which can either be affixed to a wall, or act as a standalone structure.

Industrial and farm sheds

If you’re after an industrial shed or some new infrastructure for your farm, we’ve also got you covered with a range of sheds that are purpose designed for the agriculture and industrial sector.

Options include multi-bay gable sheds, with a choice of roof pitch and cladding, and barn-style sheds which accommodate everything from motorhomes to trucks and horses.

All are fully engineer-designed and certified and we can even assist with any required council approvals.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

Looking for some additional shed inspiration? You can find tips on storage, maintenance and some unexpected uses for your shed here or browse our range of garage and shed options.

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