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Barns & Sheds: What’s Best for Your Farm?

Barns & Sheds: What’s Best for Your Farm?

While garages and carports make up a percentage of our business, at Titan we also know the importance of industry-leading, Australian-made barns and farm sheds.

Choosing what’s right for your property and needs is essential. Too big and you’ll be over-investing, too small and you’ll need to upgrade, and there are plenty of other factors than can sway your decision on picking the right shed for your needs.

Luckily, Titan has a tailor-made solution to perfectly fit your needs, whatever they may be. So, read on and find which bespoke shed or OzBarn model is best for your needs:

Why You Need a Farm Shed

Purpose is the first question you should ask yourself. What will you be using your shed for? If it’s storing machinery, a larger, concrete-floored, weatherproof shed is essential. The elements can drastically shorten the lifespan of your vehicles and plant, especially with harvesters or other seasonal equipment that will be stored for longer periods.

If livestock will be in your building, air flow will be necessary, as well as wide access points and drainage. There will likely also be the necessity for feed storage, so a secure, partitioned area will be required.

Make a list of everything that your shed will be used for. This will give you a starting point to work with and give us a clearer idea of your requirements and the building to suit them.

What Size Farm Shed Do You Need?

Say you have two tractors and a trailer to store. Between them, they take up 450 square metres. So that’s how big your shed needs to be, right? Not really. First of all, access needs to be taken into account – the vehicle’s access into the shed and your access into the vehicle, so plenty of space will need to be provided for both. It’s also likely that you will store far more in your farm shed than those three items alone.

Think about the maximum amount of contents you will be storing in your shed and then apply the 25% rule – add 25 per cent to the floorspace to account for operation growth, additional needs and unforeseen requirements.

One Shed or Two?

Perhaps a single large farm shed will serve all your needs. An OzBarn or custom shed will often provide all the space needed for many smallholdings, but sometimes two are required.

There are several reasons for this: firstly, one shed, no matter how big, simply may not be big enough. The contents may also require separate storage, such as in the example of livestock and feed needing to be kept stored apart.

Rather than partition a single shed, the far better option might be to build two smaller individual farm sheds to serve different purposes.

Standard or Custom?

Our versatile OzBarn has been designed specifically with agriculture in mind. Larger accessways, sectional interiors and design versatility allow you to create a barn to specifically match your needs. This works particularly well with livestock, especially horses, and our mighty OzBarns are frequently used for stabling.

For larger plant, especially cranes, harvesters and taller or wider equipment, a custom barn is going to be crafted to match your requirements. With the assistance of your local Titan staff, you will soon be able to determine which option is best for you. Photos of the location, your usage list and information about your property may be enough, or a Titan specialist can also visit your property for a complete onsite assessment.

Whatever your needs, Titan will be able to assess, recommend and provide the ideal solution.

Talk to our team today about your farm shed requirements.

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