7 Creative Uses for a Garden Shed, Other Than Storage

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | December 07, 2015
7 Creative Uses for a Garden Shed, Other Than Storage

A garden shed needn’t be used as just an ordinary garden shed. You may be thinking of installing a shed in your backyard, or perhaps you’ve moved into a new home and
there’s a garden shed in your yard that you really don’t think you’re going to make use
of. Think again! A garden shed doesn’t just have to be a place to store your lawn mower
and a few garden tools. There are actually a few different ways you can make use of a
garden shed, depending on your interests and likes.

To get inspired, here are some excellent ways you can repurpose a garden shed.

1. Home gym

A lot of people are wanting to focus on their health and fitness these days. Many people

opt to work out at a local gym, but what if you could have a gym right in your very

backyard? If you have a large enough garden shed, you may very well have your own

personal gym sitting there waiting to be furnished. Some sheds don’t have windows, so

this may be a chance to use some lighting and fans to create some ventilation to give

you air during your workout - nobody wants to exercise in a stuffy shed with no

windows! You don’t need a heap of fancy, top-end pieces of equipment in your new

gym, but they’ll surely be kept safe if they’re stored in a garden shed.

2. Art studio

Maybe you’re not so much of a gym freak, but rather your interests lay in your creative

side... An art studio is the perfect option for those not wanting to use their garden shed

the conventional way. The best part about using a garden shed as an art studio is that

the size of it isn’t necessarily a major issue. You can use a very small shed and simply

use it to store an easel and stool, with all your supplies kept in the shed out of the

elements. If the stool doesn’t fit then simply sit it in the doorway! Your shed size and

light capacity shouldn’t be too much of an issue when converting into a personal art

studio, keep the door open to let in some sunlight and you’re good to go!

3. Cubby house

If you have young kids, they may want to play outside and have a secret hideaway

away from their parents. One way you can give them an adventurous little hang out

space is by installing a cubby house. Generally these are built with prefabricated

wooden or plastic materials, ready and easy for parents to install. But if you’re looking

for a cubby house that’s a little more hard wearing, a garden shed just may be the best

solution for you. The easiest way to convert a shed into a cubby house is with a splash

of paint and some homely accessories. Depending on what your child or children are

interested in, you could add some posters, soft toys, a little bed or sofa, and maybe

even a music player. Electronics will remain safe from the elements while inside a

garden shed.

4. Workshop

For the handy person, a garden workshop would be a dream come true. You’ll need a

slightly larger shed if you’re thinking of creating a workspace for all of your DIY needs,

but in general you can fit quite a few different tools and materials into a smaller shed

with some simple organisation. Be sure to install some shelving and workbench space

for you to work on, and if you think you might be spending a fair bit of time here then a

television or radio can easily be installed to keep you company while working on your

next project.

5. Home spa

If you’re looking for a little bit of indulgence, or maybe a parent’s retreat, a home spa

may just be the perfect solution. Blow-up instant spa baths are now easily available for

purchase and can make turning your shed into a luxury spa room even easier. Add in a

chest of drawers for towels and bath accessories, and some relaxing lighting or candles,

and instantly transform your garden shed. You can also take this a step further and

create a place for a home business. If you’re working in the beauty industry, a garden

shed can even be transformed into a beauty room where you can provide an ideal

solution for your clients. You can include a massage table or even a place to do client

manicures for an easy, workable space for a new business.

6. Games room

Whether you’re into tabletop games, pub activities, or video games, a games room is

abreast solution for any person of any age. You may have a teenager who loves playing

games late at night, or perhaps you love playing pool at your local pub with friends.

Either way, all of these ideas can be like Playstation and Xbox, with a couple televisions

available to play them on, or you can buy some retro gaming consoles like would

normally appear at a regular games arcade. If you’re not very much into the video

gaming side of things, a classic pool table will surely be a hit at your next party or get


7. Observatory

This project may take a little bit more time and effort, but the results will be amazing. If

you’re into astronomy, you may want to consider turning a garden shed into your own

personal observatory. Yes, we understand you need to be able to see the stars at night,

which is why this project wil take a little time to complete. While not impossible it can be

a challenge to do this. Having a mechanism in place that raises the roof of the shed

outwards in order to provide a clear view of the night sky will be a great option for each

night (or whenever you wish to do some sky watching). The end result is an open ceiling

shed when needed for your observatory needs.

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