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The Many Uses of a Titan Carport

They may look like four simple posts and a roof, but the humble carport can offer far more than just...

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The perfect small lot shed

Titan’s two smallest shed options have plenty of space for tools, bikes, pool equipment and more but...

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Plan Ahead | Things to Consider Before Ordering Your Titan

It doesn’t matter how good your garage or shed is, if you don’t prepare and plan it in advance you c...

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Your Shed Makeover | Transform the Look of Your Shed

Whether you want a shed to match your home, to make it disappear into its surroundings or are simply...

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Barns & Sheds: What’s Best for Your Farm?

While garages and carports make up a percentage of our business, at Titan we also know the importanc...

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The Titan Buyer’s Guide: 6 Steps to Your New Titan

The Titan Buyer’s Guide: What do clients need to do to choose, prepare for and erect their new Titan...

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Multi-Purposing | Creating Spaces & Zones

When you first invest in a new shed, the temptation is to cram it with oversized items and home clut...

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Five top tips for storing our Titan Lite Gear

5 ideas for storing, organising and transporting your Titan Lite products

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Maximise your storage space with Titan

Ways to organise to maximise efficiency, inc. shelving, racks, boards, sectioning/dividing, ways to...

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Protecting your possessions

The benefits of having a lockup - easier than having to lock things up outside. Everything from bike...

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The 3 Key Reasons to Get a Granny Flat.

There's three key advantages to getting a granny flat for your home. Read the information and ask a...

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The Benefits of Downsizing & Tiny Living

Nowadays, there have been continuous trend of homeowners that have moved towards downsizing as new w...

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Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Granny Flat

Although they may go by the moniker “granny flat,” these robust buildings can do much more than prov...

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Solar Carports - The Wave of The Future?

With energy prices across Australia rising constantly, most households are looking into ways to redu...

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8 Ways to Create Privacy for Your Carport

Carports are the perfect, inexpensive way to shield your large valuables from the elements. Availab...

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Safe Practices for Storing Chemicals in Your Farm Shed

Most farms have a range of chemicals onsite—from machinery fuels and oils to fumigants for controlli...

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The Evolution of the Australian Granny Flat

The granny flat is making a comeback in Australia. No longer used just to house ‘grannies’, the once...

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A Guide to Getting Permission to Build a New Storage Shed on your Property

If you’re keen on adding extra storage space for your business – be that a commercial area, a farm,...

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Moving into a Granny Flat? Here's How to Declutter and Downsize

Downsizing and decluttering your life is a great way to improve your overall wellness and state of m...

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The Multiple Benefits of Investing in a Granny Flat

Granny flats, or titan houses, are typically defined as a secondary dwelling on the one property tha...

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How to Weatherproof Your Granny Flat for Summer

A granny flat is like any other building when it comes to energy usage. In hot climates, air conditi...

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5 Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Your Granny Flat

A granny flat can be put to a lot of uses. It can be guest accommodation, a study, an office, a stud...

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Affordable Living Now Easier Than Ever

Remember when the only answer to extending your home or living areas was to convert the old garage o...

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How to Choose the Perfect Guest House or Granny Flat for Your Space and Needs

If you’re a household that entertains people on a regular basis, or if you live on a property that’s...

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Fire Prevention Tips for Your Property’s Shed

Owning your own shed is a great Aussie tradition. Part workshop, part storage area, it’s a place whe...

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How to Protect Your Shed from Rust and Corrosion this Winter

It doesn’t matter if you have a small shed just for a few gardening tools, or a large shed fit enoug...

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The Boat Series; Easy Steps to a Sparkling Clean Boat

Regularly cleaning your boat not only helps to maintain its value - it can also help to keep it seaw...

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The Truck Series; Useful Tips for Maintaining and Storing Your Truck

Whether your truck is a big rig or a utility workhorse, getting the most out of it requires the same...

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How to Choose the Right Shed or Garage for Your Home and Business

Sheds are versatile and essential parts of the modern home or business. Whether it’s a space to keep...

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Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter Storage

No, this isn’t an episode of Game of Thrones, but if you don’t protect your car from the elements th...

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How to Transform Your Shed or Garage Into a Granny Flat

If you’ve got a spare storage space hanging around in your backyard, it might be worth your time tur...

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How to Choose the Right Barn for Your Farm

Whether you’re running a hobby farm or a huge cattle property, storage is one of those ever-present...

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The Most Exciting Jet Ski, Boating and Kayak Product Releases for 2017

We’ve got some absolute powerhouse jet skis coming out this year, as well as some magnificently ele...

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Tips for Feeding Your Livestock

Under the harsh conditions of the Australian climate, one of the hardest things to keep under contro...

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4 Famous Inventions Created in Backyard Sheds

We all know the story of the brilliant scientist or handyman tinkering away in their shed, providing...

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Make Your Titan Tidy Storage Locker Environmentally Friendly With These Tips

Keeping your Titan Tidy Storage Locker ‘green’ won’t just help your garden and the environment aroun...

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4 Tips for Bike Protection and Storage

Bikes are bulky, unwieldy items. We all love having them around of course, but boy are they a pain t...

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6 Steps to a Clean and Clutter-Free Pool Shed

Pools require a lot of maintenance, with cleaning chemicals, pool skimmers, and of course, all the p...

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Carport or Garage? The Pros & Cons to Help You Decide

Australia can be home to some pretty harsh extremes and when a vehicle sits outside unprotected, it...

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6 Tips for Building Your Garden Storage Shed

Having a storage shed can be a very convenient addition to your home and backyard. They not only kee...

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How To Keep Your Shed Cool In Summer

Whether your shed is used for sheltering animals or storing goods and equipment, it’s useful to have...

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What Not To Store In A Garage (And Why)

While you might think of your garage as a convenient, go-to space for storing all your odds and ends...

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How Turn Your Garage Into The Ultimate Kid’s Room

If you’re looking to add more space in your house for the children, repurposing your garage into a k...

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10 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Commercial Shed

No matter how secure your commercial shed may appear to be, you should never take security for grant...

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7 Apps to Help You Plan Your Dream Shed

When you’re looking to install a shed, there are many things you need to think about. Size, material...

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Garden, Farm Or Industrial: What Kind of Shed Do I Need?

Garden, Farm Or Industrial: What Kind of Shed Do I Need?

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How to Store and Maintain Garden Tools in Your Backyard Shed

Have you ever gone to your backyard shed on the weekend to get some odd jobs completed only to be co...

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DIY: Your Guide to Building A Backyard Shed

A storage shed is almost a necessity to anyone’s backyard. Whether you’re an avid gardener or whethe...

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How To Turn A Carport Into A Beautiful Patio

So, you’ve bought a home that’s a dream in every way - aside from the ugly carport. Or, perhaps you...

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Exploring Lithuania’s Soviet Garage Towns

Socialism in Eastern Europe brought many intriguing habits, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. One s...

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5 Articles That Will Change the Way You Think About Garages

A house is simply not complete without a garage. The garage is open for function; it can be a place...

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10 of the World’s Coolest Sheds

The first thing we think about when the word ‘shed’ comes to mind is probably storage. Maybe ‘dilapi...

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How to Properly Prepare Stables for a Horse

Once the excitement of getting a horse has worn off, it can be difficult to attend to the task of ma...

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How to Properly Prepare Stables for a Horse

Once the excitement of getting a horse has worn off, it can be difficult to attend to the task of ma...

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She-Sheds are Women’s Answer to the Man Cave

We’re probably all well acquainted with the idea of a man cave, but did you know that’s only part of...

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How to Properly Store Your Boat or Kayak

There’s nothing like owning a boat or kayak and getting to spend some free time out on the water eve...

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Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

The garage is a place that has pre-existing masculine connotations, often being the primary place to...

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10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garage

Gone are the days when a garage was just a place that you parked your car; modern garages can be so...

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5 Ways to Optimise Storage in Your Home

Whether it’s figuring out what to do with all your Star Wars collectibles or finding where the best...

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Tricks to Declutter and Organise Your Garage

People usually think of their garage as simply a place to park their cars and store unwanted or unus...

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12 Essentials to Stock Your Backyard Shed Like a Pro

The humble shed. For generations, men have retired to the backyard shed to tend to pot plants, tinke...

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Carports Vs Garages

Storing your pride and joy is of utmost importance if you’re wanting to protect its value and keep i...

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We are certified Australian-owned

Titan Garages and Sheds are now certified as an Australian-owned business.

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