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8 Ways to Create Privacy for Your Carport

8 Ways to Create Privacy for Your Carport

Carports are the perfect, inexpensive way to shield your large valuables from the elements.  Available in a range of shapes, sizes and roofing style to suit your property, they are the perfect addition to a property with more vehicles than safe places to store them.

But private they are not.  If you prefer your expensive toys both out of the elements and out of the way of prying eyes, there are a number of ways you can create privacy for your carport, while still keeping it visually appealing.

Vertical Garden

A simple vertical garden can create a beautiful and maybe even edible privacy screen.  Create a rack of planters, which can be either fixed to the floor, or if the carport can support it, hang from a supporting beam, add dirt and the plants of your choice and you can have both a leafy screen to protect your belongings, and a delicious side salad in one!


Planting bamboo in a single line along the edge of the carport will give you shade and privacy year round. If the ground isn’t suitable, you’ll only need a couple of 16×18 inch planters to support bamboo that will grow up to 15 feet high, which should be high enough to shield the contents of the biggest carport.

Trellis and vines

A third leafy option would be to nail a trellis along the side of the carport and then plant a flowering vine – something with multi-coloured flowers and dark green heavy leaves will attract both privacy and turn something purely functional into a beauty spot.  Bougainvillea, wisteria, and white potato creeper are all great options that will grow quickly and twine well around a trellis to provide the perfect spot of protection.

Fibreglass Panels

Available in both clear and solid colours, fibreglass panels are a cheap and easy option to create a privacy screen for your carport.  Space them a little apart to keep airflow, or alternate clear with solid for light, the choice is yours on how much privacy you want and how you want it to look.


Buy outdoor curtains ready made, or go DIY with some from plain old drop cloths spray painted to your liking, curtains can create simple privacy around a carport however you want it to look.  More suitable for a temporary option, but can be made a little more permanent by either attaching the bottom to the ground with a hook or two, or adding weights to the bottom, they are something simple, cheap and very easily customised to suit the space and look of the property.


Wood screens, from a simple lattice, to an Instagram-worthy chevron oak masterpiece can be easily fixed to the supporting beams of a carport to conceal whatever is inside.  Wood panels can be bought pre-made, or as an easy DIY constructed to fit perfectly along the side or back of your carport, screening the contents safely. Pre-made metal screens are also available, and can be added, or incorporated with wood to create something long lasting and trustworthy so you can be assured of privacy for years.

Retractable Awning

A thick screen of polyester that can retract when you need it or be extended for privacy is another option.  These awnings come in a variety of colours and sizes and are perfect for large item storage, as they can be easily retracted to add or remove big ticket items and then extended for discretion.

Extend your home

If the carport is built close to the house, you can extend the walls of the house is similar or complementary material, which can create a seamless look from the outside while creating privacy and security. One thing to be careful of is to ensure you are not blocking any light from the windows of your home, but using clear panels with brick or wood surrounds can ensure that there is enough light for all.

There are lots of ways to create privacy within a carport to ensure that your possessions are safe and secure from the weather and anything else can could come past.  By choosing the method that suits your property and contents you are protecting, you can easily ensure your vehicles, gear and other equipment stay secure and even add value to your house.

If you’re looking for a new carport option, Titan Garage & Sheds are the experts. We are here to assist you and offer advice on the size you need to protect your vehicle or items from the elements. Contact us today.

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