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5 Ways to Optimise Storage in Your Home

5 Ways to Optimise Storage in Your Home

Whether it’s figuring out what to do with all your Star Wars collectibles or finding where the best place to store your grey t-shirt collection is, you can never have enough storage space at home. Unfortunately as our lives get busier at times, it can seem as though decent storage space is pretty hard to come by.

The good news is that there are things you can do to help find that extra inch for your model X-wing. We’re going to take a look at five ways to maximise storage around the home. The result will be a place that’s cleaner and much more functional.

1. Built-in cupboards

These are pretty much your best friends when it comes to finding ways to free up space in the home. The way in which you organise your built-ins can allow them to store so much more than you can imagine! Variations of depth, narrow shelf designs, and hanging systems are all useful ways you can get the most out of your built-in cupboards. Try reorganising that part of your home if you’re in need of some extra storage space.

2. Multitasking furniture

Gone are the days where an ottoman existed solely as a place on which to put your feet. More often than not, you’ll find furniture these days that has useful features incorporated into its design, allowing people to use the item to store all manner of goods. And this goes beyond the obvious examples like drawers on a coffee table.

Small chests that double as chairs, ottomans with built-in storage, trunks, shelves, and freestanding cabinets can all hold extra storage. With a bit of organisation and creativity, you can have an innovative storage feature that also functions perfectly as a snazzy piece of furniture. Now that’s a win-win situation!

3. Hang your items

Most people adopt a horizontal approach when looking for additional storage space, but it’s just as effective to adopt a vertical stance. By hanging various items that are usually quite difficult to store otherwise (such as necklaces, hoses, etc), you’re creating a lot of extra space in areas where it is needed (such as the bathroom, for example). Not an inch of space should be unused when looking to maximise storage in the home, so think outside the box and don’t be afraid to entertain the idea of hanging up your things, even if that’s not something you’d traditionally do.

4. Divide your space effectively

Another trap people often fall into when trying to find the best way to optimise storage areas in the home, is by trying to maintain vast, open floor space that is really just a waste of valuable storage area. When planning how your living room will look, don’t be afraid to use stackable boxes and storage containers to divide and conquer and make the area significantly more space effective. In doing so you’ll make sure you have a lot of space for storage in the rooms that need it most.

5. Get a shed

Perhaps the most effective way of optimising storage in the home, and without going to drastic remodelling, is storing your stuff outside the home! By getting a shed you’re opening a world of storage possibilities in your own backyard (literally!), and these days, shed designs are effective, safe, and suitable for most backyards.

If you haven’t already got a shed and would like to get one, make sure you go with a design that is durable, watertight, and in keeping with the rest of your home. You may also want to check with your local council – particularly if you have an ambitious shed planned. Beyond that, however, sheds are a very practical and simple solution that could triple the amount of storage space in your home!

Final pointers

For any homeowner, storage space is one of those commodities that comes at a premium (and at times can seem impossible to find). But with a bit of creative thinking and ingenuity you can turn any storage disaster into a clean, effective, well-kept house.

By using one of the solutions we have suggested you can optimise storage in your house, maintain a neat and tidy home space whenever people are visiting and have people thinking, “How do they keep it so tidy? What’s the secret?” whenever you have guests come over to visit.

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