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5 Articles That Will Change the Way You Think About Garages

5 Articles That Will Change the Way You Think About Garages

It’s a big open space just brimming with potential, and best of all, it doesn’t infringe on your living space. Because of its versatility, however, a garage can sometimes get cluttered or messy and not live up to that potential.

Here are some great articles and lists that can help you not only organise and declutter the space, but even provide inspiration on how you can liven it up and make it more exciting.

1. Listotic: 28 Brilliant Garage Organisation Ideas

Listotic’s “28 Brilliant Garage Organisation Ideas” is a comprehensive list that gives you everything you need to get your garage looking organised and functional. The great ideas from this list include magnetic tool holders, which allows for not just easy access to tools without fumbling or searching in a box or bag, but also makes better use of space.

The recycling bin holders are also a handy way to go vertical with storage. These racks keep your recycling easy to access yet out of the way. They’re pretty simple too, so there’s not too much expense to set them up.

2. The Budget Decorator: Garage Storage on a Budget

Well, what’s a garage if it’s not a place to put your stuff? The list above focused strictly on organisation, but there are some great tips from The Budget Decorator’s “Garage Storage on a Budget” list that are sure to be helpful and won’t break the bank. One idea is using a shoe organiser to keep your spray paint. Instead of fishing around inside a cupboard or on a shelf, hanging the cans in the organiser keeps them out in the open to see. It’s easy to select the right colour, and it saves space on the shelves. You can also use old pie plates fastened to the wall to store circular items like saw blades. These can even be placed inside cupboards for even more space savings.

3. Better Homes & Gardens: Cool Garage Conversions to Copy

There may come a time when you don’t necessarily want your garage to be so “garagey”. There are so many different ways you can convert your garage and use the space for something completely different than originally intended. Better Homes and Gardens has a fantastic list of “Cool Garage Conversions to Copy Immediately”. You don’t have to copy them of course, but there are some wonderful ideas. A great use for the garage is turning it into a family hangout spot.

The garage is usually a large open space, so the options and layouts for an entertainment room are endless. The garage door can even be left open to give a patio vibe, and then closed when not in use or the weather doesn’t permit. Ripping the roof off and adding some rustic charm could turn your garage into a nice outdoor living area as well.

4. Decorating Your Small Space: Garage Makeover Projects

Sometimes, whether it be by a lack of use or neglect by a previous owner, a garage may need a bit of a makeover. The floors might be cracked and dirty, the windows leaking, and the door rusty and worn down. Decorating Your Small Space has a garage makeover projects list that’s perfect for novice and expert DIYers. For one, there’s a link to a tutorial on how to give your garage door a faux carriage house look for just $4 and a can of stain.

Also, if a grimy and cracked floor is getting you down, you can place an interlocking tile system overtop of the unsightliness to give it a very cool retro vibe.

5. Curbly: Roundup of 6 Inspiring Impromptu Garage Mudrooms

One of the more popular uses for a garage that has an entrance leading into the house is as a mudroom. Why track in mud and dirt, or have unsightly coats and shoes lying around the house when you can keep it all in the garage out of sight. Curbly has a “Roundup of 6 Inspiring Impromptu Garage Mudrooms” that provide creative inspiration for putting a quality mudroom in your home.

Because the garage is a large space, a great idea presented on the list is to build a separate space for each member of the house. Each spot has a bench or a seat, along with a cubby, a shelf, and a hanger or two. This list also has ideas for colouring and decor, ranging from white with a splash of bold to rustic and wood-finished.

So there you have it, everything you need to have a great garage. It doesn’t have to be just a place for your cars and tools. A garage can be anything from a family entertainment room to a place to hang your hat. Everyone is looking at maximising the value of their homes, whether for resale or just for comfort of living. With all the ideas above, there’s no reason that you can’t convert your garage to a space that makes your home that much more special.

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