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4 Tips for Bike Protection and Storage

4 Tips for Bike Protection and Storage

It’s very important to store bikes properly, because they’re also relatively easy to damage. To cut down on potential maintenance costs, it’s important to keep the bike out of the elements, and in a place where scratches, punctures, and rust are held at bay.

People who really like their bikes will want to keep them in top condition, and will often keep them indoors in order to do that. But, unless you’ve got a lot of space, those bikes can get in the way. There are some some simple things you can do to help store your bike in a shed between uses, without having it get in the way, or risking damage to the bike.

1. Consider getting your bikes their own storage locker

One of the best ways to store bikes is to set up a separate storage locker for them. This allows you to keep their awkward shape away from other objects, preventing the bike from coming into contact with sharp things or other common garage or shed items (such as chemicals). This has the added benefit that you’ll be able to store all your other bike related bits and pieces in one spot, meaning it is easier to maintain the bikes, as the pumps and repair kits will all be kept in one accessible place.

A good bike shed doesn’t need to be large, but it should be robust, and good at keeping the elements out. Rust could set in if the bike is in an exposed, humid environment for long periods of time without use, for example. So it’s a good idea to look for a strong, steel-reinforced garage. There are some great storage sheds available with Titan Garages, that come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, all made of materials that will properly protect the bike, and anything else kept within the structure. These sheds also have the added benefit of being lockable and secure, making sure no one else gets into your bikes who shouldn’t!

2. Consider hanging the bike up

One of the great things about bikes is that they are quite flat in design, which means you can put them on hooks on a wall, and they actually won’t take up much space at all.

Putting up bike hooks in a garage or your new storage locker is a easy DIY job, not requiring much more than drilling some brackets into the wall. Make sure that you drill into the brick itself, or the most robust part of a plasterboard or timber wall, as the bike weighs a fair amount.

Consider hanging two or more brackets so that the bike is held up in place. With lighter bikes, it’s even possible to hang them on the ceiling, saving wall space for shelves etc.

3. Dismantle the bike for long time storage

If you’re not planning on using your bike frequently (perhaps you’re planning on using it for tours only), then it’s a good idea to dismantle it for storage. By pulling the bike apart, you can save a great deal of space. Further to that, you’ll then be able to put the bike into a box or other container, which will help to protect it from the elements, and avoid rust and scratches.

4. For long term storage, clean the bike first

In order to protect the bike for long term storage (such as through the winter, when you might not feel like riding it as much), you should clean it first.

  1. Remove water bottles and electronic devices, and store these inside; these can become moldy, and are sensitive to cold air and the elements.
  2. Properly wash the bike to remove dirt, mud, grime and other corrosive debris.
  3. Put air in the tires; under-inflated tires can become damaged when stored for a long period of time. Even though you’ll need to re-pump it when you’re next planning to ride the bike next, keeping the tires stored while inflated is important.
  4. Lubricate the chain and cables; these are most susceptible to damage from corrosion, so lubrication will help to protect these components from weathering while not in use.
Handy tips for increasing the life of your bike

A bike is a wonderful piece of sporting equipment, giving you a world of freedom and fitness. You’ll be taking it on holidays, to sporting events, and so on. Storing the bike properly is important in order to ensure that it will last over the long term. The good news is that the proper storage of your bike is not nearly as difficult or expensive as it might seem.

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