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10 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Commercial Shed

10 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Commercial Shed

There are many ways you can increase the security of your commercial shed, and using a combination of these options could help you prevent unwanted burglaries and damage.

1. Locks

High-quality locks are an essential first step toward securing your commercial shed. Weak, old locks can be easily picked or even cut, so be sure to choose a high-quality lock with enforced or thick shackles. Deadlocks and other regular door locks can be complemented with padbars, coach bolts, and other security features. Electronic door locks are another option to consider; these use PINs for access and have no moving parts that you can access from the outside.

2. Enforced roller doors

If your commercial shed comes with a flimsy roller door, consider replacing it with an enforced or super-strength roller door. These are harder to jimmy because they’re made from solid steel or other strong materials and are secured with hinge pins, fasteners, and other security features.

3. Alarms

The security of your commercial shed undoubtedly can benefit from an effective alarm system that sounds in the event of an intrusion and can notifies you if there is a breach. Your alarm system might be a standalone system or be part of a large security system that incorporates lights, video cameras, and video recording.

Great features to look out for include motion detectors, window sensors, glass break detectors, central monitoring systems, remote access, perimeter alarms, and door chimes. The larger your shed, the more sensors you’ll probably need to have installed.

4. Lights

Security lights offer an inexpensive yet highly effective way to keep your commerce shed protected against unauthorised access. These are usually installed outdoors to illuminate your outdoor spaces and deter would-be intruders.

Security lights can be sensor based or time based. Sensor-based lights are set to turn on automatically when there’s movement in a given area, while time-based lights can be programmed to switch on at a certain hour.

5. Physical barriers

You can also restrict access and improve security by erecting physical barriers. Options such as tall fences, barbed wire fencing, and fencing with sensors can all be highly effective against intrusions. Fences fitted with sensors can deter burglars by sounding off if there’s a breach, while tall fences and barbed wire fencing make it hard to scale your perimeter.

To the time-conscious burglar or intruder, it can be enough to turn them away from trying to gain access to your commercial shed. At the same time, make sure your staff or other people accessing the shed lock up fences and gates when they’re the last to leave.

6. Cover windows

Uncovered windows give passers-by an easy way to look in and assess your shed for break-in. These windows can tempt burglars by giving them a good view of your equipment, products, or other valuables. They can also easily find out when your commercial shed is likely to be occupied and figure out when is the best time to attempt an authorised entry.

By using blinds and curtains to cover your windows, you’re removing that temptation and eliminating access to information that can help them plan a burglary or other intrusion. Options include blackout curtains, which keep out all light; and privacy film, which is an inexpensive option that lets light in while reducing visibility from outside.

7. Remove ladders

A simple way to improve security in and around your commercial shed is to remove ladders when not in use and keep them locked away. A ladder placed against the wall of your shed can make it that much easier for intruders to reach the second floor or some other access point. They could use it to check out your shed if your upstairs windows are not blacked out.

8. Secure hinges

Hinges are a potential security vulnerability all too often ignored by commercial shed owners. Loose hinges can be easily removed to allow burglars quick access. Replace old and loose hinges with a set that comes with non-returnable security screws, non-removable pins, coach bolts, or carriage screws.

9. Repair structural weaknesses

Rotting, loose slats are another possible weak point when it comes to securing your commercial shed. Make sure loose slats are repaired or replaced immediately and ensure that the internal structures are reinforced with new panels. Other possible structural weaknesses include old doorframes and window frames, which make it easier for intruders to break in and gain access.

10. Secure air-conditioning window units

If the air conditioning units in your commercial shed aren’t properly secured, burglars can make light work of removing these to gain access. To prevent this, install a support bracket that’s tightly secured into the wall so that your air-conditioning system can’t be removed from the outside. A window security bar fitted over the window above the unit can also strengthen security by making it more difficult to break in through that window.

Lock up your valuables

Commercial sheds are typically used to keep valuables such as equipment, stock and vehicles, so it’s crucial to have a range of security measures to guard against possible intrusion and theft. You would leave a residential building unlocked, so why wouldn’t you ensure your shed is properly secured? By using a range of tools, you can reduce the risk of loss, damage, and expensive repairs.

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