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10 Home Shed Must-Haves

While a shed is a great addition to any home, its what’s inside that counts, especially when it comes to tending to odd jobs or ongoing maintenance and repairs around your property.

But what are the bare essentials that every great shed should have? If you had to make a list of items which your shed should contain, what would be included?

We’ve taken a peak inside our fair share of great sheds over the years, so here’s our definitive list of 10 shed must-haves…


Good lighting turns a shed into a workspace for all weather and all occasions. It improves its security and helps you lay your hands on just the right tool at just the right time.

If possible, have your shed connected to your property’s power supply and install good lighting. If you’re likely to be doing big jobs, consider three-phase power.

But if that’s beyond your budget or not quite practical, consider a solar shed light, which works just like normal lighting via a switch in the wall, but without the additional cost of connecting power.

Power tools

Any shed worth it’s salt will have a selection of power tools that you can apply to all those home maintenance tasks.

As a minimum, consider a power drill, which can then be used as a screwdriver, buffer, sander, paint mixer and brickwork hole puncher in addition to serving as a drill.

A well-equipped tool box

A shed is a great place to store your toolbox of essential equipment, which will likely include a hammer, screwdrivers, spanners, sockets, a tape measure, pliers, allen key, level and more.

This go-to box of must-have tools is a mainstay that should be light enough to take with you but well-equipped enough to manage almost any task.

Good storage and shelving

In addition to being a workspace, sheds often accommodate the overflow of everyday life. That makes good storage and shelving a must, so you can find and access all those extraneous items when you need them.


On that note, a pegboard helps keep your shed organised and orderly, ensuring you can lay your hands on the right item at the right time.

Shovel and spade

A shed is the perfect space to store a whole range of gardening equipment that you’ll need from time to time. As a minimum, consider a shovel and a spade, and perhaps a crowbar.

Contrary to popular belief, shovels and spades are very different gardening implements which serve very different purposes.

Shovels are great for scooping dirt and soil from one area to another, but a spade will slice through even the hardest, most compact soil.

Rake and pruning shears

While we’re talking gardening equipment, don’t forget a rake and pruning shears. These are must-haves in even small gardens when it comes to clearing leaf litter or pruning a shrub.

Beyond that, a trowel is a small and worthwhile investment, along with hedge clippers.

Gloves and scissors

Often gloves and scissors aren’t thought of until they’re needed, but gloves are a shed staple for gardening, while scissors are a general mainstay for opening packages, trimming items and more.

Clear plastic containers

Clear plastic containers in a variety of sizes are a great way of storing all those loose items that tend to accumulate in a shed.

Think small containers for screws, nails, bolts, nuts and rivets, and larger ones for keeping things like sandpaper, paint, and oils or sprays together.


Let’s face it, shed work can get messy fast, which is why it pays to have an array or rags and old towels on hand.

They can then be used for all manner of jobs including cleaning up, wiping down, polishing, and much more.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

If you’re looking for some further simple ways to improve the functionality of your shed, we have some great tips available here. But in the meantime, you can browse our full range of shed products and replacement parts here.

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